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Create A Shipping Method

Smart Boxing Shipping Methods obtain live shipping rates from your preferred carriers. You can create as many Shipping Methods as you need.

This guide will help walk you through the general process of setting up a Shipping Method. To learn how to add a shipping method for a specific carrier, go here.

Add A Shipping Method

1) Click Shipping on the main menu.

2) Click the Create shipping method button.

3) Click Select beside a preferred carrier – e.g. FedEx.

4) Add a Title for your shipping method – e.g. FedEx.

Shipping Method Titles are not visible to your customers.

5) Select who has Visibility of the live rates calculated by this Shipping Method. You can choose Everyone or just those with Administrator access to your store.

When Visibility is set to Administrators only, your Shipping Method will only be visible at checkout by using a customer name that includes ‘Intuitive’ in either the first or last name.

6) Select which Packages you would like to include in the Shipping Method. By selecting multiple packages, Smart Boxing will have more options for choosing the most efficient packaging for an order.

Inactive Package status is displayed in the Shipping Method. Packages that are Inactive cannot be selected and are ignored during rate calculations. To include Packages in rate calculations, edit the Package and set the status to Active.

If a Package was previously selected for a Shipping Method when the Status was changed to Inactive, the checkmark will still be displayed beside the Inactive Package. The Package will be ignored during rate calculations until Active Status is resumed.

7) Select the carrier Services that you would like to be offered to customers at checkout – e.g. 2 Day, Ground.

Only Services that are selected will be included in the live rate shipping calculation, if available.

Each carrier offers its own list of delivery services. To learn how to set up Shipping Methods for specific carriers, go here.

Some carrier Services may not be available for certain customer locations. Check with your preferred carrier(s) for any regional Service restrictions.

8) If desired, add your Carrier Account Details. This will link your account, allowing Smart Boxing to access and return your negotiated rates.

For most carriers, an account is not required to use Smart Boxing. If you do not have a carrier account, leave the Account Details blank. Returned shipping rates will be based on the carrier’s standard, retail rates.

Optional Settings

Adjust the Optional Settings to access additional carrier settings or make adjustments to the final shipping costs.

1) Click the Show optional settings button.

2) Select the Destination Address Type. If you only ship to residential addresses, select Residential. If you only ship to other businesses, select Commercial. If you ship to both types of addresses, leave it set to Automatic.

Most carriers offer different rates for Residential and Commercial addresses. We strongly recommend selecting the most applicable setting to ensure the final shipping cost is as accurate as possible.

3) Choose whether or not the carrier should include Package Insurance. If Package Insurance is included, it will be blended into the final shipping cost.

4) Choose how rates for multiple packages will be blended.

Flexible blending means an attempt will be made to blend costs based on services. The lowest cost for each package will be blended together if packages do not have matching services.

Strict blending means costs will be blended only if all packages have matching services. No costs will be returned if packages do not have matching services.

5) If desired, enter a Mark Up as a flat amount or a percentage.

6) If desired, enter an Insurance charge as a flat amount or a percentage. This is separate from carrier Package Insurance (see Step #3 above).

Insurance costs entered as a percentage are based on the total product value. For example, if the total cart amount is $100.00 and the Insurance charge is 5%, $5.00 will be added to the final shipping cost.

Insurance costs are blended into the final shipping cost. They are transparent to the customer at checkout and are not displayed as a separate line item.

7) If desired, enter a Discount as a flat amount or a percentage.

Discounts should be entered as a positive number. For example, if you want to take $10.00 off the total shipping cost, enter a flat amount of ’10’ (not ‘-10’)

Symbols – e.g. $ and % – are not required for Cost Adjustments. To enter a flat amount of $10.00, enter ’10’. To enter a percentage of 5%, enter ‘5’.

8) Choose whether or not to apply Rounding. If applied, you can round the final shipping cost up or down to the nearest $0.50, $1.00, $5.00 or $10.00

Any cost adjustments will be applied in the order they appear on the Cost Adjustment form.

Save Your Settings

1) Click the Save button.

You’ve just created a Shipping Method.

What’s Next: Test Your Setup

Updated on 20 August 2020

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