To adjust the settings, click Settings on the main menu.

General Settings

1) Select who has Visibility of the live rates calculated by Smart Boxing. You can choose Everyone or just those with Administrator access to your store.

When Administrators only is selected, rates will only be displayed at checkout when the customer name includes ‘Intuitive’.

Visibility can be set to Everyone after you have activated your account. And error message will be displayed if Everyone is selected while in Setup and Testing mode.

2) Select the Units of measure for your Dimensions and Weight – e.g ‘centimeters (cm)’ and ‘kilograms (kg)’.

Base Currency is set by your Shopify settings and cannot be changed within Smart Boxing.

If you change your currency setting in Shopify, be sure to re-sync your settings with Smart Boxing

3) If desired, enter a Secondary Contact Email address where notifications can be sent.

The Primary Contact Email is automatically imported from your Shopify account and cannot be changed within Smart Boxing.

If you change the email address associated with your Shopify account, be sure to re-sync your settings in the app Settings page.

4) Click the Save Settings button.


1) Click Sync shop settings to save any changes made to your ship settings – e.g. Currency, Primary email address, Store location.

2) Click Sync product catalog to save any changes made to your product catalog – e.g. adding products, removing products, updating product listing information.

Third-party Integrations

When integrating Smart Boxing with our integration partners, you can copy your unique Smart Boxing API Key into the field in our partners’ settings.

1) Click the Copy icon beside the API Key to copy the key to your clipboard.

2) Follow the instructions provided by our integration partner to copy the API Key and complete the integration.

To learn how to do more with Smart Boxing, click here.

Updated on 24 August 2020

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